The Role of Art in Caney Tradition

modern beike's belt final

Caney tradition is fundamentally shamanic in nature. Much of our wisdom is derived from shamanic experience. Our primary teachers are our shamans whom we call “boitius”. The task of these seers is to explore the mysterious and dangerous realms of the other-world and to bring back to the people the gifts of enlightenment and knowledge that are to be found there

All shamanic peoples know that the shaman is essentially an artist. Without artistic talent there is no shamanism. There can be no doubt that since the very earliest expressions of shamanic behavior in early prehistoric human existence art has been an essential part of that experience.

We continue that tradition of supporting the soul of our shamanic work through intense artistic expression. The art that we manifest is complete and all-encopassing just as it has always been in shamanic societies since time immemorial. We produce powerful pieces of craft-work in ceramics, beadwork, featherwork, cotton fabric, and we create fine art such as paintings, drawings and sculpture. We also utilize drama, poetry, music, and the gift of mystical dance and movement. All of this makes our spiritual experience totally complete.

Contemporary Taino artists and craftspeople make the beauty of our culture available to all. Please visit them here and enjoy the wonderful products that they offer.

creatress 2

CREATRESS (oil on canvas)

modern guaribos

MODERN GUARIBOS (watercolor on paper)

duho 032


taino venus 3

TAINO VENUS (watercolor on paper)

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