In co-operation with leaders of the major Taino social political and cultural organizations the Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle reaches out to bring the flavor and essence of our revitalized tradition to the greater Taino community at large.

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On September 9, 2007, The Caney Spiritual Circle participated in the 24th annual FERIA DEL BARRIO street festival in the heart of the Latin American neighborhood of North Philadelphia, PA. The festival is sponsored by Philadelphia’s TALLER PUERTORRIQUENO Arts organization.

Caney Circle Cuban beike Miguel Sobaoko Koromo Sague along with his wife Leni Mais Cuariche and his blood-brother the boricua Daniel GuaAon from Pittsburgh, joined Philadelphia Caney Circle boricua beike Chris CibaBoinael Hansen serving Philadelphia and West-Central New Jersey sat at the Caney Circle display tables and spoke to scores of curious attendees who showed intense interest in Taino culture in general and our Caney Circle teachings in particular.

Caney Circle representatives were joined in Philadelphia by the President in the US Regional Co-ordinating Office of the UNITED CONFEDERATION OF TAINO PEOPLE, based out of New York City, Kacike Roberto Mucaro Borrero.

Kacike Borrero brought his whole family to the event and participated on the festival stage with the Caney beikes, Miguel Sobaoko Koromo and Chris Ciba Boinael in a brief presentation of Taino-language songs and chants. He played the Mayowakan and maraca. He also deliverd a few words to the large attendant crowd concerning facts about the Taino contemporary resurgence movement and the role of the UCTP in that phenomenon.