Guahaiona had the responsibility for the welfare of the community during a very difficult time. The people were dying. He sent a young married man named Iahubaba (Yahubaba), to go out of the cave and find out if it was possible to collect the healing plants called “digo”. This healing herb was to be used in relieving the suffering in the cave. The cave continued to be plagued by disease and terrible epidemics.

Iahubaba found a great deal of digo. He went to a stream and washed away his own sores. His sickness was relieved. If he had returned to the cave with his find, the people would have been spared. But Iahubaba was selfish. He kept the digo to himself. He abandoned his wife and his community to their awful fate. Iahubaba was also struck down by the manaya of Guakar the harsh teacher. HE was killed. His hupia traveled to the land of Koa Bai and the elements in the tissues of his body were seized by the metamorphic powers of the sun spirit. These elements were recycled and were used to form the flesh of certain birds called “Iahubabaiael”. That is why it is said that Iahubaba was taken away by the sun and turned into birds. This sacrifice allowed for the creation of the third mystic family, the ANIMAL FAMILY. After that the great hosts of animals emerged from the cave that served as the opening to the womb of AtaBei the Cosmic Matriarch.

After this episode the earth now had the three mystic families: The MINERAL FAMILY, the PLANT FAMILY and the ANIMAL FAMILY.


Noting the delay of Iahubaba’s return, Guahaiona sensed that the young man had betrayed the people. He flew into an irrational rage. He was so angry with Iahubaba (not knowing that the youth had been killed) that he resolved to punish him by taking away his wife and leaving him without a mate. He proceeded to seduce the young woman and she willingly gave in to his advances. This act was particularly heinous because neither Guaguiona nor lahubaba’s wife knew that lahubaba was dead. They committed their act in full belief that they were indulging in the worst form of adultery and they did it maliciously, on purpose, in anger, to avenge themselves on the wayward lahubaba whom they felt had abandoned them.

Upon discovering with what ease he was able to persuade one woman to leave her husband Guahaiona became greedy. He began to seduce all the women of the cave community, the wives of all the other men in the cave. Soon he was able to use his influence and charisma as a leader, and his charm to cause every woman in the cave to betray and abandon her husband.

Eventually, realizing that the world outside the cave was indeed fit for human habitation, Guahaiona stole out of the cave one night leading a great crowd of women and taking them away. He led the women far from the cave until they felt lost and at his mercy, without a hope of returning. Even those women that repented and wished to return to their husbands and children were now barred from doing it.

Back at the cave the abandoned husbands felt hard-pressed to feed the starving babies who cried out for their mother’s milk. Soon the younger more vulnerable ones starved and died. The fathers shrieked with grief at the loss of their beloved wives and children. Meanwhile, the repentant women begged Guahaiona to no avail to lead them back to their cave, back to their husbands and their children. The power-mad leader only led them further away. The hupias of the dead children traveled to Koa Bai. Through the metamorphic powers of the sun spirit the elements in the tissues of their emaciated little bodies became the components in the bodies of frogs. And the frogs cried out with a sound that reminded the fathers of the pitiful cries that their dying children had made. These little frogs rose into the heavens and became the stars of the constellation SIRIK (The Pleiades). Every year in the month of May, these stars now signal the second important ceremonial day of the Spring rainy season (after Spring Equinox) and present the people with the symbol of rainy weather, the chirping frogs.

Now the cave community was leaderless. The men had no women and no chief. There was total imbalance in the clans, for the presence of women establishes the equilibrium of energy that is vital for a healthy community. A state of antagonism between the sexes had been established by the evil act of Guahaiona. The central anchor of the chief’s office was now absent. The tribe had been set adrift and there was no COSMIC CENTER around which the communal life could revolve and stabilize. The conduit between the Divine Consciousness and the Human Consciousness had been severed. The reflection of the Cosmic galactic ceiba tree had been chopped down.

Big Dipper Constellation

There was a man in the community who saw this as an opportunity for self-gain. His name was Anakakuia, which means “Flower of the Center”. He was the brother-in-law of Guahaiona. He was empowered by the forces of the Maboias. These are the negative forces of the Cosmos. The Maboias gave Anakakuia the power to project himself to the people as an adequate “Cosmic Center” to replace Guahaiona. But that was not true. Anakakuia did not have the charismatic magic of the Milky Way Galaxy within him. He was not the embodiment of the cosmic ceiba tree. He appealed instead to the forces of a false Cosmic Center, the North pole star that was his namesake, and the Big Dipper constellation. The magic of these heavenly bodies lies in the fact that the whole sky seems to revolve around them during the course of the night. It seems as if the stars and the very Heavens gyrate around this group of bright lights in the northern sky. But, of course, that is an illusion. It is a trick caused by the spinning of the Earth. In fact, all the matter in our part of the Universe actually revolves around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and that is the true source of power for a legitimate chief.


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