demiban caracaracol
Demiban Karakarakol

The she-turtle was the compassionate female aspect of the soul of Demiban Karakarakol, a side of him that had been repressed and hidden all his life. Now it had finally been released. This wonderful spirit was now free to manifest, and at once Deminan knew that he was in the presence of a very sacred being. Turtle Woman called him to her and spoke to him with a human voice. She said: I am to be the mother of a new generation of humans. These humans shall be the dwellers of the sacred islands of the emerald sea. You are the bearer of harsh experience. Lord Guakar has spoken through the pain on your back. Through this experience you learned the great error of your former behavior. That which you thought was sport and merriment was actually evil and malicious. You learned the hard way that this is not a game, that what you thought was all fun was in fact a sad reflection on your character. I am the physical manifestation of the opposite sentiment. I am compassion. I am love. I am empathy. My children shall be the children of compassion. And yet you were not all evil. It is time that your qualities be channeled in the proper direction. And now you have earned the title of the ultimate soul of experience because you are the bearer of the wound inflicted upon your back by the Lord of Teaching Trials, Guakar. For that reason your soul shall be assigned a place at the North point of the land of the spirits. That Is the place where the spirit of Wisdom and Experience dwells. My soul is united to your soul because I emerged front your back. I now carry within my womb the essence of your spirit of Experience and learned Wisdom. But the offspring gestating in my uterus is not yet complete. My children must carry the essence of all four directions, not just the Wisdom and Experience of the North. The new generation of dwellers in the islands of the emerald sea shall be endowed with the gift of all four winds. And so I shall assign a place in each of the other three directions to each one of the four brothers who make up your personality, and each of you will be blessed with the quality and gift of the place where your soul resides. My offspring will be blessed with the seed of each your qualities; the Freedom from prejudice of the SOUTH. the Inward vision and Intuition of the WEST, and the illumination of the EAST and, of course, the Wisdom and Experience of the NORTH.”

jicoteaAnd so the great she-turtle had transformed herself into a woman. She them acquired all of the fundamental qualities of all the human women, the female descendants of the forest beings who had brought the healing magic of the woodland into the realm of humans. She also was imbued with the divine energy of the supreme woman, Ata Bei.

turtle woman and the quads 4For their part, the soul of each of the four original brothers was assigned a cardinal direction upon the sacred hoop of the cosmos: one in the South, one in the West, Deminan’s soul took its place at the North, and the last brother’s soul took its Place in the East. Deminan was now a complete integrated man, a whole man, possessed of every one of the qualities of the four. He dwelled there united in a miracle of love and reconciliation. Turtle Woman conceived a complete child. They lived there and from that primordial family came forth the generations of inhabitants of the holy islands in the place that we now know as the Caribbean Sea. This is the beginning of the Taino people who settled the Motherland and cultivated it. They were the children of a magic Turtle Woman and the four sons of a human manifestation of Ata Bei called Itiba Caubaba.


Please click here for commentary and interpretation of these chronicles by Taino elder Ni Bon Te Ban of the Koki Medicine Clan

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