The MAYA-TAINO TRADITION CIRCLE is part of a non-profit 501c3 status religious organization The CANEY INDIGENOUS SPIRITUAL CIRCLE. The proceeds from these sales help facilitate the important work of the Caney Indigenous Circle and the Maya Tradition Circle. The prices listed for these items are considered charitable contributions and can be claimed as tax-deductible donations. Please contact us at for our EIN number so that you can use it for tax-return itemization purposes.

The items we make available to you fall into three categories:

  • Hand-crafted artifacts by talented Taino and Maya craftspeople
  • Cafe Press eco-products
  • Nature and wilderness themed home decor items

We will ship you the item that you have chosen via US mail, UPS, or FEDEX dependng on what we decide is most appropriate.  

All purchases are final. We can not make any refunds

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