Teachings and Traditions
a time to learn, a time to heal


Shamanic Tradition

The path of the boitiu (shaman) a tradition of spiritual healing in the Caney culture, based on the ancient customs of the Tainos of the Caribbean islands

The Sacred Woman

The link between the human and the divine through the unique connections of women and the magic of the Earth Mother, Ata Bey

Taino Culture

The culture of the people as it existed in the 1490’s


Caney Indian Spiritual Circle founder Miguel Sobaoko Koromo Sague (Black Ribs) maintains a small teaching center in the semi-rural Verona suburb of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The center includes a traditionally built Taino Indian healing lodge with thatched roof and wooden planked floor. The lodge also serves as the center’s Kansi or oniabo gua (sweat lodge). A large healing hamock swings from two tall pine trees and another smaller one is hung inside the healing lodge when it is not serving as a kansi sweat.

The beikes (ceremonial leaders), and boitius (shamans) of the CANEY SPIRITUAL CIRCLE are committed to maintaining a cycle of group spiritual activities to which everyone is welcome for free, no matter what his or her race, ethnicity or religious inclination. (Note that each local Caney Circle has individual attendance requirements according to the local beike. Make sure to contact the local beike to get the specifics of that particular Caney Circle).

Beikes, boitius and other Caney teachers and trainers also offer training and educational services to individuals and small groups. Workshops and seminars are also available all at very reasonable tax-deductible contribution rates.

Beside that, beikes and boitius also minister shamanically to individuals and small groups privately as the need arises. In such cases they will ask only for the necessary tax-deductible donation to compensate for the beike’s or boititu’s time, material and effort expended in the informational or educational process that is part of any healing, initiation or purification procedure.

Healings and other spiritual or ceremonial services offered to individuals and small groups are free and require the contribution only of the traditional tobacco offering. However some healing and shamanic procedures require that the Caney practitioner impart upon the seeker a certain amount of training and teachings which are done through our educational services component, and for these educatinal services, a tax-exempt contributuion is requested. The healing itself is free.

Call, write or e-mail us to schedule your educational or training presentation, workshop or seminar, or your personal shamanic procedure, reading, healing, or purification.

Caney Indian Spiritual Circle
4277 Verona RD.
Verona, PA. 15147

Miguel (Black Ribs) in Pittsburgh: sobaokokoromo1@aol.com

Grandmother Spider In Upstate New York: gramspider@juno.com

Domingo Turey Hernandez in Jersey City, New Jersey: dhernandez74@msn.com

Ferdinand Wayan Bruno in Greater New York City area: Ferdinand.Bruno@gmail.com

For assistance and information dealing with Taino spirituality on the island of Boriken (Puerto Rico) consult Grandmother Naniki of the Caney Quinto Mundo spiritual and cultural community in Orocovis, Puerto Rico: Quinto Mundo Homepage

para recibirir ayuda o informacion acerca de asuntos espirituales, favor de consultarse con Abuela Naniki de la comunidad espiritual y cultural Caney Quinto Mundo en Orocovis, Puerto Rico: Quinto Mundo Homepage