In the beginning Iaia Lokuo, Heketi Waribo and Heketi Warishe (First Man and First Woman) lived in a cave called “Kasibajagua.” Heketi Waribo and Heketi Warishe had many children and many grandchildren. Also, the navel of Iaia Lokuo was opened again by Iaia Lokuo’s own hand and where the blood dropped there stood a young man whom Iaia Lokuo named Iaia-el (son of Iaia). There were too many people in the cave and it became crowded but the people could not leave. The Earth was still new and still forming. Volcanoes thundered forth great clouds of noxious gases. Fire and brimstone filled the sky. It was necessary to maintain watch so that the people would know when the Earth was ready for human habitation and leave the crowded unsanitary conditions of the cave. The people gave the responsibility of standing by the opening of the cave to a man called Makokael.

Things became unbearable in the cave. As the people waited for Makokael to give them the word that it was all right to leave the cave, they began to get sick and die. Eventually the outside world became capable of supporting human life but the people did not find out about it right away. Makokoel did not notice. He was distracted, inattentive. He left his post and did not return in time. Meanwhile the people who had given him his responsibility continued to sicken and die. The people continued suffering even when it was no longer necessary for them to suffer. Makokael failed the people and as a result he paid the ultimate price. He himself became ill with the sickness that was plaguing the inhabitants of the cave. He died. He was struck down by the terrible manaia hatchet of Guakar, the Lord of harsh lessons. This is the justice that is deserved by those who are given great responsibility by the community and do not carry out this responsibility faithfully.

The sun, our great energy beacon, is a source of powerful metamorphic magic. It is through the catalyst of sunlight that dead flesh changes and metamorphoses. It is through the magic of the sun that a dead person’s body is recycled into new beings and new materials. The sun literally seizes the dead and makes their bodies disappear. The elements that are derived from the body of a decomposing human are recycled in nature and end up in the bodies of new animals, plants. The minerals in the decomposing body end up in the soil and in stones and rocks as the dead person’s body turns into a fossil. And so it happened to Makokael, when he paid the ultimate price for his inattentiveness. His hupia traveled to the land of Koa Bai (abode of the dead). His body tissues were seized by the metamorphic action of the sun spirit and ended up in the substance of certain rocks and stones, fossilized there at the entrance of the primordial cave as a warning to others not to make the mistake that he had made. When Makokael’s body turned into a pile of stones at the mouth of the cave the first of the three mystic families of existing entities was created on the Earth. His sacrifice allowed for the emergence of the MINERAL FAMILY, all rocks and stones and crystals.


The chief of the cave community, Kasike Guahaiona, sent out a number of people to see if it was possible to go out into the newly formed world and find food, so that it could he brought back and shared with those in the cave who were starving from the crowding in the cave. These people found a river in which they caught many fish. But they abandoned their brethren and made off with their catch. Guakar again lifted his terrible manaia hatchet and meted out another frightful lesson. Their selfishness killed them. As the hupias of the selfish ones journeyed to Koa Bai their bodies were seized by the metamorphic powers of the sun spirit and the elements in their body-flesh were recycled into the tissues in the trunks and branches of certain trees called “jobos”. This sacrifice led to the creation of the second mystic family, the PLANT FAMILY, all herbs and trees, and shrubs.


cacike cosmic center
The Cacike is the representation of the central cosmic tree, The Milky Way Galaxy, which is the center of the Cosmos.

Guahaiona was the chief, the leader. His role as the leader of the community made him the central anchor point of the tribe. The people depend on the steadfast integrity of a firm leader to be their center. The office of the leader, the cacique, is the central focus of the whole community, and the seat of the leader, the duho represents the stable point of communication between the Divine Wisdom of the Heavens and the consciousness of the Earth. The duho represents the Heavenly Cosmic Center that is the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. This heavenly body is the manifestation of the Cosmic ceiba tree at the center of the universe and is represented in the tribal community by the very soul of the chief who stands at the center of the tribal circle like a stalwart tree. The people depend on that firm stable connection between the earthly and the divine. The human leader must assume the awesome responsibility, of becoming the Cosmic Center here on Earth to the people and to reflect the Cosmic Galactic Center in the Heavens. The wellness of the community revolves around him and he provides the central anchor point.

This is the official duho seat of the Casike chief. This seat represents the center of authority and responsibility, the anchor point of the community. It is the focus point around which the life of the community revolves like the stars and planets revolve around the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy.


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