The classic Taino meditative posture

hands curled in

lady of caguana

Lady of Caguana

Highly stylized petroglyph drawing of a female deity, shows her with her hands held at either side of the face just below the large circular ear-spools, her palms held out away from the body, her fingers curled in.

Caguana Ceremonial Center, Utuado, Puerto Rico



Wooden sculpture of an ancestor with his hands held up in prayer and meditation, palms held away from the body, fingers curled in.

American Museum of Natural History, New York

As the Caney spiritual leader or shaman meditates he or she holds his or her hands at about shoulder height in front of the body. The palms are held out away from the body allowing all impurity to flow out of the self during meditation. fingers are curled in allowing the capture and re-internalization of positive personal energies back into the body.

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